37 Wrangler Student Athletes Named to NJCAA All-Academic Teams

37 Wrangler Student Athletes Named to NJCAA All-Academic Teams


Charlotte, NC – Student-athletes from around the nation contributed to a new NJCAA record as 6,656 participants earned a spot on one of the three NJCAA All-Academic teams. This year's record eclipsed the previous mark of 6,329 set in the 2017-18 academic year.

"Year in and year out, NJCAA student-athletes continue to set a new standard both on the field and in the classroom," stated NJCAA President & CEO Dr. Christopher Parker. "The 2018-19 academic year was no different as student-athletes raised the bar once again to reiterate the importance of academics throughout the NJCAA. As an association, we take tremendous pride in knowing that our student-athletes put their best foot forward each day to become well-rounded members of their team, their campus, and their communities."

Student-athletes are eligible to earn academic honors by achieving an overall GPA of 3.60 or higher. The criteria for the three All-Academic teams are listed below:

                NJCAA All-Academic First Team: 4.00 GPA
                NJCAA All-Academic Second Team: 3.80-3.99 GPA
                NJCAA All-Academic Third Team: 3.60-3.79 GPA


37 Wrangler Student Athletes were named to this years All-Academic Teams.  

2018-19 NJCAA All-Academic Teams

First Team Second Team Third Team

Okako Adika - Womens Basketball
Kyler Castillo - Baseball
Carly Evetts - Volleyball
Maria Guimaraes - Womens Basketball
Jacob Maiwald - Baseball
Florian Moosmeier - Golf
Jared Myers - Cross Country
Angel Torres - Baseball
Tripp Wallace - Golf

Arielle Adams - Womens Basektball
Catharina Bambirra - Volleyball
Garrett Bodine - Baseball
Connor Carlton - Baseball
Zach Davis - Baseball
Rashai Kailiwai - Volleyball
Camden Kelly - Baseball
Jade Laird - Softball
Frederik Topgaard - Golf
Marcus Wochner - Golf

Summer Ah Choy - Volleyball
Josh Bedggood - Baseball
Carson Cheaney - Baseball
Noah Dominguez - Baseball
Mariana Ferreira - Volleyball
Bryce Foutz - Baseball
Morgyn Fulgham - Softball
Vojtech Kostelka - Golf
Geovana Lopes - Womens Basketball
Mason McLenna - Baseball
Ivan Melendez - Baseball
Robert Morales - Baseball
Kelsy Paris - Softball
Rafaella Piassa - Womens Basketball
Alexis Parrish - Volleyball
Amanda Soderqvist - Womens Basketball
Cori Turner - Softball
Yanina Todorova - Womens Basketball


To view a full list of all student-athlete award winners, visit: NJCAA All-Academic Awards

An impressive 1,552 student-athletes were awarded NJCAA All-Academic First Team recognition after achieving a 4.0 cumulative GPA throughout the academic year. Baseball was the most well-represented sport across the NJCAA as 1,439 student-athletes earned a spot on one of the three academic teams. Softball featured the most female representatives with 1,273 honorees.

The Monroe College (NY) Mustangs were the most well-represented team with 80 recipients. Barton (KS) and Iowa Western tied for second-most honorees with 76.

The NJCAA has been annually recognizing the academic success of its student-athletes since 1983