Wrangler Spotlight - Timmi Hutchings

Wrangler Spotlight - Timmi Hutchings

Sophomore Timmi Hutchings had a good showing at the 35th Annual Odessa College Rodeo this past weekend.  The Blackfoot, ID native took third in the Goat Tying event with a total score of 13.7 seconds. Timmi has been competing in the sport of Rodeo her entire life, something she learned from her parents as both her mom and dad competed when they were in college as well.  Rodeo is a family affair for the Hutchings, Timmi's brother Tristen is on the OC Rodeo team and her three younger siblings also compete. 

Timmi took some time after class to stop by and talk to us about her weekend and her time at Odessa College.

Q: What are your thoughts on your weekend performance?

A: I am very thankful and blessed to have Timber Kelly around me every day.  She has been the one to push me to be better in the Goat Tying.  Without her constantly pushing me to get better, my results this weekend would not have been possible. 

Q: How was hosting the 35th Annual OC Rodeo this weekend? It looked like a lot of work.

A: It was crazy we had a lot of work to get done, but it turned out great.  It would not have been possible without everyone on the teams help. 

Q: You compete in four different events (Barrel Racing, Goat Tying, Team Roping, & Breakaway Roping) what is a typical rodeo weekend like for you?

A: It's a crazy process.  I have to haul four horses with me because I ride a different horse for each event.  I have to take four of everything with me, four different saddles, ropes, feed, etc… It is a lot of stuff that I have to take with me. 

Q: Your brother, Tristen is on the team. What's it like having him around?

A: It's amazing having him here with me, He has been my best friend since day one.  Tristen pushes me to be better each and every day and is great about reminding me to keep my head up when things aren't going my way. 

Q: What are you goals for this year? 

A: I want to make it to the College National Finals in Casper, WY.  I'd love to qualify in all the events I compete in, but especially the Goat Tying.

Q: What are your plans for school next year?

A: I am still undecided on where I want to attend school, but I want to continue my Rodeo career wherever I do decide to go. 

Q: Do you have any rituals or superstitions?

A: Not really, Oh wait yes I do.  My rope always goes in my rope can the same way every time.  The way I put my tack up has to be the same every day, and I always feed my horses the same way each day.  I don't like other people to feed my horses for me.

Q: What do you like about being at Odessa College?

A: I really like the school itself.  The teachers are very kind and sweet and are willing to always work with you to be successful in the classroom. 

Timmi and the Wrangler Rodeo Team continue competition in the Southwest Region throughout the Spring Semester.  The College National Finals are June 9th through the 15th in Casper, WY.