Wrangler Spotlight - Rodeo's Chet Boren

Wrangler Spotlight - Rodeo's Chet Boren

Wrangler Spotlight

Chet Boren, a second year student-athlete at Odessa College, and a member of the Rodeo team, has been a prime example of what an OC student-athlete should be.  Chet is currently in the energy technology program at OC, and one day hopes to own his own electric company.

Chet will be graduating this spring and plans on transferring to a four year school, but is unsure of where he would like to go.  He would like to study business management to understand how to run his own company one day.

Q: What is your favorite event you compete in? Why?

Chet:  "Calf roping is my favorite because it is the event I have done the most.  I have always liked it from a young age and every year I seem to get better and better at it. 

Q: What does being named a NIRA Scholar American (Academic All-American) mean to you?

Chet:  "It means everything to me!  I owe all the credit to my teachers who have worked with me and enabled me to succeed in the way I have.  I understand that being able to compete in Rodeo events will end someday, and an education is what I need to be successful."

Q: What was it like to win the Southwest Region and compete at the CNFR as a freshman?

Chet:  "It was so exciting and I was thrilled to be able to compete against some of the best athletes in their respective events.  I never thought I would be able to accomplish anything like this, but Coach Aragon has put me in positions to succeed and has been a huge part in my success thus far."

Q:  Who is your role model and why?

Chet:  "My dad is my role model, he has taught me everything I know, from Rodeo to riding horses.  I give all the credit to him, because without him I have nothing.  He has been by my side since day one and has instilled the proper values I need to be successful."

Q:  If you weren't an OC college rodeo athlete, what would you be doing? 

Chet:  "I would probably being working for my dad who owns his own electric company."

Q:  What has your experience been like as an OC Wrangler?

Chet: "It has been a great experience thus far.  I have nothing but positive things to say about this school.  It has given me the opportunity to obtain a degree in the field I would like to enter, and it has also given me the opportunity to compete in the sport I love.  I have made some awesome friends that have made this experience terrific!"


After Speaking with Head Coach C.J. Aragon, he expressed how Chet has impacted his program, "Chet is a great asset to the OC Rodeo Team.  He is a very hard worker, and one of our team leaders.  With his work ethic, it is no surprise he has been highly successful in the classroom and the arena."